Stanislaus Vision Associates is a full-service optometric practice, providing comprehensive eye examinations, glasses, contact lenses and laser vision correction.

We accept most major vision insurance, including VSP®, Medical Eye Services and Medicare, and our staff are expert at helping customers maximize their insurance benefits. We are also very competitively priced – with a complete pair of single-vision glasses starting at just $79 – but never at the expense of quality.


Stanislaus Vision carries the largest selection of frames in Modesto. You won’t see them racked up on the wall, leaving patients to guess which might look best and work well with their prescription. Our highly trained staff works with each patient individually, bringing them frames chosen specifically to work with the patient’s prescription, face shape, coloring, lifestyle and budget. This individual attention ensures each person gets glasses that are absolutely perfect for them.

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Laser Vision Correction

Do you want to see without contacts or glasses? We have been active in refractive surgery since its inception.

At Stanislaus Vision, we are experts in all refractive surgery procedures. We carefully evaluate every patient and advise them which of the procedures available is best for their eyes.

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Sports Vision Services

Seeing clearly is critical for success in any sport. While glasses provide excellent vision for everyday activities, they are impractical for most sports and can often limit performance. At Stanislaus Vision, we fit contact lenses for athletes of all ages and sports. From youth football to college baseball or adult leisure sports, we can fit you with the best contact lenses for your needs. Daily disposable contacts have made lens wear more convenient than ever and the newest lenses for astigmatism allow us to offer contacts to more athletics.

Dr. Miedema uses his background as a college baseball player and high school basketball player as well as his years of experience as a coach to help the best contact lens options. He has fit hundreds of area athletes from age 8 and up. Call today to schedule an appointment to see if contact lenses could improve your game.

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